Blurring the lines between psychology, creativity, and traditional meditation techniques



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Anyone who is seriously interested in learning some awesome meditation techniques- please consider taking this! I continue to reap the benefits of going in with an open mind and heart and I’m grateful for Kara for creating such a great experience
— Quinn D., Make & Meditate Series participant
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Excellent experience. Anyone that can get a 3 year old to focus on meditation and breathing is good at what they do. Kind, patient, knowledgeable, and passionate about her craft.
— Latriece C., Make & Meditate Event participant
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Kara Michelle Pierson

Kara Michelle Pierson, founder of Lilac & Indigo, started studying meditation as a way to cope with the stress of adulting and student loans, but found that it started to transform the way that she moved in the world. She has collaborated with a variety of organizations including Cradle Cincinnati, Tristate Trauma Network, Cypress Beauty Company, St. Joseph Orphanage, and more. She continues to look for new ways to present unique and meaningful programming that introduces meditation and other interior work as a practical approach to mental and physical health.